Meet Wyatt

September 6, 2021

Wyatt was a very sick baby when he came to us. With anitbiotics and bottle feeding, he got stronger and grew into a robust boy! He will need another kitty in his furever home (maybe his room mate Darko?) and may not be a great fit for young children (He’s quite nervous about being picked up and holds on with his claws to keep from falling)
Wyatt has an ongoing sneeze and runny nose. All the appropriate tests at the vet clinic have come back clear, and he’s been treated with antibiotics without them making a difference. He has no other symptoms and none of the other cats in his play circle have been affected. Therefore, the theory is that there may be damage or scar tissue somewhere from when he was a terribly sick baby, that is continuing to make him react this way.
There is no further tests or treatments to clear this up. Because of this Wyatt’s adoption fee has been reduced to our “special needs” amount of $75

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