Meet Our Volunteers

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Meet our Awesome Volunteers, Jenn & John!

Jenn and John volunteer twice every week to help get everyone fed, cleaned and loved! They also foster momma kitties and babies. Some babies are born in their home, some go to them with their moms when they are tiny, and several have gone as bottle fed orphans. They recently suffered some heartache in cradling and loving a tiny runt baby, not long in this world, as he passed to the rainbow bridge. We know he felt their love and dedication in his last moments, and for that we appreciate them immensely. Jenn and John have also adopted 3 shelter kitties. First, Kenji… who wasn’t easy to deal with in the shelter. He was adopted out as a barn cat because he was often unfriendly and would bite. He is now a sweet & affectionate house cat thanks to Jenn and John. They also allowed Quincy and Sophia to dig their little claws into their hearts in order to be taken home as forever family members. Thanks to Jenn and John for going above and beyond to help out the kitties that need them most!

Meet our Awesome Volunteer, Debbie!

This month we would like to recognize Debbie Sander.  Debbie has been a volunteer with us since 2018. The shelter is her happy place and she loves being able to help the animals in care. Her kind heart is much appreciated with the animals and other volunteers/staff at the shelter. Debbie does animal care and is generally our top fundraiser when selling fudge and raffle tickets! Thank you so much for all you do for the shelter, Debbie! You are so appreciated! 

Meet our Awesome Volunteers

Rescue Hero’s!

These ladies spent about 4.5 hours driving over an hour one way, loading these babies and an hour back. They brought back 20 cats, some of them being tiny babies, and a pregnant mama. Thank you so much Christina, Anne and Sue! You guys are definitely hero’s and we so appreciate you!

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